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Moving to London has nothing to do with Kodaline star Steve, reveals TV host Diana Bunici


Diana and Steve

Diana and Steve

Diana Bunici

Diana Bunici

Diana Bunici

Diana Bunici


Diana and Steve

Presenter Diana Bunici has brushed off reports that she moved to London to be closer to her other half, Kodaline front man Steve Garrigan.

Diana and Steve have been dating for several months but the bubbly TV star says her relationship did not influence her decision to leave Irish shores.

“I don’t know where that came from,” she told the Diary. “Steve and I don’t live together. I live on my own in my own studio apartment and I like that.

“I moved to London for myself and to peruse my career. It’s my own personal adventure.”

Kodaline frequently tours but Diana said Steve’s hectic schedule is not an issue in their relationship. “He is a busy guy and he does travel but we get to see each other and I’m happy.”

The chatty brunette says it is taking some time getting used to the fast pace of London. “I am still working it out and it is a challenge,” she said. “It’s one thing when you visit a place but it is totally different when you are living here. But I really love it.”

 The 25-year-old fronted RTE children’s TV show Elev8 for five years but is ready to leave the world of kids TV behind her.

“It was a fantastic show to be part of and I learned so much from it but I think I’m ready to step away from kids and explore different avenues,” she said.

“I love travelling, so doing a show like Getaways would be amazing. I’m also a fan of shiny floor entertainment show so I want a piece of every pie.”

Diana (right) would also be interested in following Vogue Williams and Angela Scanlon to develop a documentary as part of RTE’s Reality Bites series.

Since she touched down in London Diana has been running around to various meetings with TV big wigs.

“I have had a couple of meetings with different producers and production companies,” she said.

“I have had really positive feed back – I think a lot of people are surprised to hear that I have 270 hours of live TV hosting experience. They are really interested in hearing about my Moldovan background.”

Despite relishing London life, Diana makes sure to stay in touch with her friends and family.

“I miss them loads, which is strange because I talk to my family every day, but I miss hanging out with friends. I was just home for two days and it was great catching up.”