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Missy follows in dad Ronan's footsteps as she lands lead role in new short film


Yvonne Keating and daughter Missy Keating

Yvonne Keating and daughter Missy Keating

Lucy Kennedy

Lucy Kennedy

Edele Lynch

Edele Lynch


Yvonne Keating and daughter Missy Keating

MISSY Keating and her model mum Yvonne enjoyed a trip to London this weekend.

However, it was a working weekend for the budding starlet as Missy (13) plays the lead in a 12-minute whimsical short called The Library.

The Dubliner has already cut her teeth in the movie world, landing roles in The Sea and Dark Touch. Her performance earned her widespread praise, with the New York Times naming her as "one to watch".

The talented teen was handpicked to play Emily in the 12-minute film set in a London library, even before the production crew managed to secure funding.

The film is based on her character following a treasure hunt of notes that lead her to romantic passages in books stashed around the library.

She wonders who could be behind them but in a nostalgic twist it turns out she has been reliving the courtship of an elderly couple.

The producers behind the film said that they felt lucky to have nabbed the actress for the role.

Her proud mum watched on as her daughter worked away on set.

"Taking direction. Great fun with Missy Keating on set today," she posted online.

Missy, who is new to social media, also tweeted to tell her followers that she had a ball getting to work with the team in London.

"Amazing first day filming... can't wait to do it all again tomorrow," she posted.

The pair will be heading back to London shortly as Yvonne and Ronan have planned a family Christmas for the children.

The estranged pair will spend the day with his new partner Storm Uechtritz and their three children Jack (15), Missy (13) and Ali (9).

Yvonne has previously joked about supervising her actress daughter at work in the past.

"I'm the chaperone on set," she joked. "I love the atmosphere of the set, but it wouldn't be for everyone - it could be seen as quite boring."


The broadcaster's other half John Conroy worked as the director of photography on the set of Missy's second film The Sea.

Missy has had the acting bug from a young age and once took part in an acting camp in LA. She's following in her dad's footsteps as the former Boyzone star is heading up the cast of Once in London's Westend.

And Ronan has confirmed that he has "signed up" for one of the two leading roles in the film version of Stones in His Pockets.

The play, written by Belfast-born Marie Jones in 1996, was nominated for three Tony awards.

'Perfect mum' is impossible, says TV3 host Lucy

SPARE a thought for TV3 presenter Lucy Kennedy who feels pressure to be the 'perfect mum' while juggling a burgeoning broadcast career.

Lucy moved from RTE to TV3 in order to have more time to spend with her two children Jack and Holly.

The flexibility she has with Late Lunch Live at the Ballymount broadcaster suits her hectic home schedule.

Despite her good intentions to be super-organised, she confessed that at the school gates she is often extremely envious of mums who seem to be on top of everything.


"By 8.45am, I'm hoarse from motivating Jack and Holly to put their coats on. My hair is wet, only one eye is made up," she joked.

"I like me as a mum and I'm proud of what I can give and how I give it," she revealed.

But Lucy said that she prioritises making her children laugh over being a perfect mum.

Lucy said that she is able to make her children giggle and chill out in ways that other mums may not be able to.

"Maybe the 'perfect mum' doesn't make their children laugh like I do; maybe they don't let their children relax like I do; maybe they don't play as much as I do," she said.

And the hardworking TV host said that she has now realised it is difficult to be the best at everything.

"It's impossible to be perfect the whole time, I know that," she said in her blog on mummypages.ie. "So I try to do my best every day and hope that my best is good enough for my two little angels."

Lucy and her TV3 pals took a well deserved break to celebrate their Christmas party in style at Krystle nightclub last Friday.

Reunited B*Witched  plan tour

This year was a roller coaster for B*witched's Edele Lynch but there are big things on the  horizon for the star next year.

Earlier this year she entered the Celebrity Big Brother house after splitting with her husband of eight years.

As she settled in to the house her marriage break-up made headlines.

Now the Diary can reveal that there may be a B*witched tour in our future.

"We're looking at some touring," the singer revealed.

"I'd say it will happen sometime around the summer."


The four-piece took part in ITV2's The Big Reunion in 2013 and now it seems could be back on the road soon again.

Dubliner Edele has planned a family Christmas at home with her sister Keavy Lynch jetting home for the big day.

"I'll probably go to the UK for New Year," Edele revealed, but added she would spend it with family and catch up with new beau George Gilbey soon after.