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Maura Derrane: 'I'm a bit of a zombie from lack of sleep but it gets easier'


Maura Derrane

Maura Derrane

Maura Derrane

Maura Derrane


Maura Derrane

Tv presenter Maura Derrane has revealed that she's gotten used to having very little sleep since giving birth to her first baby, Cal.

The Today Show co-presenter admits that it's tiring being a parent but it's amazing how people power through the tiredness when their children are small.

"Cal goes to bed in the evenings and he'll sleep until around 5.30am but you get used to living on so little sleep," Maura told the Diary.

"You're a bit of a zombie and you can have a bit of a 'toddler hangover' as they say.

"I never thought I'd get used to it but it's amazing what you can adapt to when you become a parent.

"In those early months and years parents go through so much but it gets easier as the months go by," she added.

The Today Show is currently running a competition for a lucky couple to win a wedding at The Station House Hotel in Meath worth €20,000 and Maura said donning a wedding dress for the launch made her nostalgic for her wedding.

She has been married to her husband TD John Deasy for almost a decade now and still has fond memories of her nuptials, which took place in Italy.


"It was strange putting on a wedding dress for the shoot, I guess you don't think you'll ever put one on again once you're married," she laughed.

"We got married in a church in the Vatican City and we had the reception at a wonderful rustic castle about an hour outside Rome.

"It was such a wonderful day, it feels so long ago now. We have our 10th anniversary coming up in May," she added.

Maura presents the weekday show with Daithi O Se and admits it's wonderful working with someone who is at the same life stage as her.

Daithi and wife Rita had a baby boy, Michael, just two months before Maura had Cal.

"It's just brilliant that Daithi and I have children so close in age, it's mad that we both became parents pretty much at the same time," she said.

"We can really relate to each other which is great, and I'm always asking him about what to expect or getting him to ask Rita about what food she gives Michael and that sort of thing.

"Plus we have great fun at work in general, this is our third year on the show and I feel we've really settled into it now - we nearly finish each other's sentences at this stage," she added.