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Mary Murray: 'I've got a wicked sense of humour on stage with lots of Kim bum jokes'


Mary Murray

Mary Murray

Ugly Sisters Aidan Mannion and Eoin Cannon with Mary Murray, also known as Janet from Love/Hate, as the Wicked Stepmother  in Cinderella at The Helix Theatre, Dublin

Ugly Sisters Aidan Mannion and Eoin Cannon with Mary Murray, also known as Janet from Love/Hate, as the Wicked Stepmother in Cinderella at The Helix Theatre, Dublin

Mary Murray

Mary Murray



Mary Murray

Mary Murray


Mary Murray

I've been busy playing the wicked stepmother in Cinderella at The Helix - we've been performing for almost two weeks now and with two shows most days it's been a manic few weeks.

We've been getting fabulous audiences so I can't complain. The costumes are amazing and it's great fun to play the baddie.

It's a big learning experience as well because I don't do a lot of musical theatre so when I'm watching dancers do their thing I'm in such awe of them. They work so hard so I'm very impressed by what they do.


I used to be a singer and I won some talent competitions in my teens so I'm enjoying singing in it, but my dancing leaves a lot to be desired. I don't dance at lot in the panto, thank God.

They have experts for that kind of thing so you won't see me doing any pirouettes or anything, there's a few dance steps that you're average Joe Soap can do and that's me.

It's a really funny panto, there's a good few jibes about Kim Kardashian's bum and there's some jokes about celebrities who are topical at the moment which is very funny.

It's a lot of hard work but it's great fun and the people in this panto are just brilliant and you become a little family when you're spending so much time together.

The kids who are our dancers are great as well.

They always wave when I'm walking onto the stage and they're leaving, which is lovely.

We've three days off for Christmas and I'm going to go my mam's for Christmas Day and I'll be there for dinner with the rest of my family and we'll all stuff our faces and kill each other and fall asleep and go home like every other family.

Before I started the panto I starred in a one-woman show called No Smoke Without Fire, which was written by my dad. It went really well and we're starting another tour of it the day after Cinderella finishes, so it's a very busy time.

When I finish my one-woman show I'll be off to Scotland to rehearse Ulysses for two weeks before we go to China.

We're going for three and a half weeks to five different cities, so we'll be following in the tracks of President Michael D Higgins.

I haven't been before so I'm really excited to see that side of the world.

That's the great thing about this job. You get to go on holiday a lot and get paid for it, as well as doing the very thing you love.

We were all in shock watching Love/Hate finale

The huge reaction  to the season finale of Love/Hate was just incredible.

When I knew Janet was going to be killed off I had the hardest time trying to keep it from my mother because she is an expert at extracting information.

With everyone else like news interviews and that I was able to work my way around it, but it was tough to keep the story from her.

She kept coming up with all these different scenarios, but I couldn't tell her anything. She was hoping Janet wouldn't die but I couldn't tell her.

My mam was in between two minds about whether I was going to kill Nidge (inset) or I was going to die.

For her it was traumatic when she saw the final episode.

For me, when I saw the part where Janet died, I was used to it because I had seen myself in the mirror with all the make up effects and everything so I knew what I was in for, but then it came to the last two scenes with Siobhan and Nidge - I didn't know that was going to happen.

We hadn't seen the final scenes of the last episode - only the actors in those scenes knew what was going to happen so that was a huge shock when I watched it.

So as much of a shock that it was for my character to die, it was a huge shock to see Nidge and Siobhan being killed off.

It was a brilliant show to be a part of and people are still asking questions, buying box sets and watching it online.

I might even get a box set of the whole series for myself just to have it at home.

The show gripped the country and it was great to be part of something that got everybody talking. So we'll all have to wait and see if it comes back in the future.

I can't find time to do my shopping

I've started to gather stuff for a little Christmas party I'm doing for kids I teach, but apart from that I have no Christmas shopping done.

I have a feeling that I'm going to end up putting the decorations up and doing loads of shopping on Christmas Eve because I don't have any time before then.

I can't go shopping in between shows because there's so much make up for my character that I think it's just easier to stay in the theatre rather than leave between shows and then have to apply it all again when I get back.

Plus I'd have to prepare my hair for wig caps and all that kind of thing again. It's all very time consuming and that means that I can't really get much shopping done before Christmas Eve.

It takes ages to get into costume - I get into the theatre before 10am and the first show starts at 11 and that's just enough time to get me dressed and do all my hair and make up.

Then there's lots of quick changes into different fabulous costumes during the show. There's people back stage to help with that but the initial preparation takes well over an hour.