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Lucy Kennedy on her weight battle: 'I am the Bridget Jones of Irish telly'


Lucy Kennedy

Lucy Kennedy

Lucy Kennedy

Presenter Lucy Kennedy has revealed she thinks she's the "Bridget Jones of Irish telly".

Her afternoon show Late Lunch Live, which she presents with Martin King, moved time slot yesterday and got a new name.

It is now known as The 7 O'Clock Show and the mum-of-two debuted her new figure after losing 10 pounds since Christmas.

"I am the Bridget Jones of Irish telly. I am always going to struggle with my weight," she told the Diary.

"I have the same insecurities as everyone else, except my job is on telly. I have two babies and a husband and a happy life, I don't care what people think.

"I will never be Georgia Salpa," she laughed.

But Lucy did decide to lose a few pounds after over-indulging at Christmas.

"I've been doing a weight-loss plan for six weeks now and I've lost 10 pounds," she revealed.

"It's a combination of a healthy diet, exercise and taking supplements.

"It has taken me longer to lose the weight but I'd imagine I'll keep it off for longer as well.


"I do feel better on screen. I feel healthier and lighter and have lost that bloated feeling - I needed to get rid of the Christmas weight," she added.

With the new time slot on TV3, Lucy's schedule has had to adapt and change.

"I am going to be a social reject as I won't be able to do anything in the evenings really," she said.

"This way I won't be going into work until 4.30pm so I can pick them [the children] up from school and that, but I will be sprinting out of the studio at 8.01pm to make sure I'm back to put the kids to bed.

"I'll miss things like my evening yoga classes but I'll have just have to adapt. The new show's a promotion so it's great."

As part of her new healthy diet, Lucy will have to curb her habit of eating the dishes cooked on the show.

"I used to be so bad. Martin would taste the food on screen but when the break would come, I'd pull it out and finish it," she admitted.

"With my new diet I find I'm not as hungry any more so I cut that out.

"It's all about working your exercise into your schedule.

"I'm really busy but I try to make sure that I get a work out in during the day or go for a brisk walk with my friends on Dun Laoghaire pier," she added.