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I steer clear of New York models' nasty side, says Emma


Emma Waldron

Emma Waldron

Emma Waldron (Left) and fellow models in New York

Emma Waldron (Left) and fellow models in New York


Emma Waldron

FORMER Miss Ireland Emma Waldron is busy making her mark on the Big Apple but she has no time for petty competition.

The Dubliner has landed some high-profile jobs since relocating to New York in January.

But she told the Diary that the modelling scene in NYC is just as friendly as at home.

"Everyone over here is really friendly, but I think it comes down to what you put out: if you're nasty and competitive they're going to be the same back to you," she told the Diary.

"You're always going to meet people, no matter what industry you're in, who want to compete with you, but you just have to let them off."

Models are picked for jobs for very specific reasons so getting caught up in competition is pointless, she pointed out.

"At the end of the day with modelling, someone wants you because of your face and because nobody else has your face or your body," Emma explained.

"At the end of the day they are going to want you because they want you so being competitive is kind of silly."

The former school teacher has lined up a busy roster of casting calls and magazine shoots since she signed with MSA models in the US.


"The agency is fantastic, I've been so lucky with them," she revealed.

Though she is a petite size ten in Irish sizes, Emma is considered a curvy model in the US. But the label doesn't bother her one bit.

Her new agency gave her a makeover when she first moved which saw her brunette locks bleached blonde, but the 25-year-old isn't fazed by how she looks outside of work.

"If that's what they feel they need here, then I'm more hireable and better at my job," she said.

"When you take a photo in work you're looking at it like you're a tool or just a hanger for something."

Her no-nonsense approach to modelling seems to be working as she is proving popular with US clients and just last week took part in New York Fashion Week.

Emma caught the eye of model bosses when she represented Ireland at Miss World, but she opted for completing a teaching degree before taking on modelling full-time.

"Here every day is different. You have different jobs on all the time. One day it's a magazine, or a TV slot or walking in a show. It's all completely different," she said.

The model says she no regrets about her move to the Big Apple.