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'I haven't given up on my Eurovision dream yet' - Michele McGrath


Michelle McGrath

Michelle McGrath

Michelle McGrath

HER girl band Lir missed out on this year's Eurovision contest, but Michele McGrath isn't giving up on her dreams of representing Ireland just yet.

The model and presenter has joined forces with Leanne Moore and Kim Hayden as the newest Irish girl band.

Now that Eurovison is off the table Michele and her band mates are busy putting in the groundwork before releasing their first single.

"We're all big fans of Eurovision so never say never, we might go for it again next year," she told the Diary.

"I think everyone is expecting us to come out straight away and at the moment we are just trying to figure out or sound and get writing and rehearsing.

"It's nice that we can take our time now and develop our sound before everyone hears us."

Girl bands have a notorious reputation for bickering and infighting, but Michelle has no worries on that front.

"They're great girls, both are really great singers and hard workers," she said of her bandmates.

"We've all had similar backgrounds and I think that kind of grounds us a bit.


"We're not 18 and setting out to be a young pop group. We've all got years of experience behind us and we know how hard we have to work - which is good because we're under no illusions," she revealed.

The music business is not for the faint-hearted but the Dubliner is up to the task.

"I love a good challenge," she laughed. "I always find that I work better under pressure.

"I think there is a gap in the market for what we are doing and hopefully people will like it," she said.

However, Michele remained tight-lipped on future plans.

Modelling has taken a back seat for the 28-year-old as she has been channeling all her energy into music.

"I've just been so busy working with Lir that that's where all my focus has been," she said.

Eurosong will see five acts battle it out for a place on the Eurovision stage and Michele has her favourites picked out.

"I love Molly Sterling. I happened to work with Molly over the past while and she is incredibly talented as a singer/songwriter. She is amazing," she said.

"I am also a huge fan of Nikki Kavanagh. I think her song is really catchy and would be a great song to represent us," she added.