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I fell into Simon Cowell's lap on Xtra Factor says stylist Lisa


Lisa Fitzpatrick

Lisa Fitzpatrick

Lisa Fitzpatrick

Top stylist Lisa Fitzpatrick said she hopes Simon Cowell doesn't thinks she was falling for him after she tripped and fell into his lap at the Xtra Factor.

The stylist was on the Xtra Factor panel at the finale of the top reality TV show last weekend and she admits meeting the music mogul was "surreal".

"I was on the panel with Jamelia and Rylan which was brilliant fun," she told the Diary.

"So Simon Cowell was coming off the Xtra Factor and I was in the studio and Sarah Jane was going 'you're next Lisa' and Simon then said 'go on, you're up' and I was just thinking 'How surreal is this?'

"Then he gets up so I go to sit down and then of course Louis decides to pinch my bottom so I fell down into Simon's lap and I was thinking 'Oh god he probably thinks every woman on the planet falls for him'."

Lisa's new book Diet SOS has been doing very well since it launched last summer and she's continuing to promote it into the new year.

"I'm going on the shopping channel QVC with my book on January 5," she revealed.

Despite being a style maven, Lisa is looking forward to being comfortable in her pjs over the festive period.


"I'm going to continue to do what I always do at Christmas which is eat, drink, sleep and stay in my pyjamas.

"Then when January comes I'll go back to the usual, work busy, mind myself, be good five days a week and then eat all around me the rest," she laughed.

Lisa is a savvy shopper and makes sure to hit the sales and also re-gifts some unwanted presents.

"I'm all about recycling presents and I'm happy to admit it," she said.