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I feared my engagement ring was gone forever - Pippa


Pippa O'Connor

Pippa O'Connor

Pippa O'Connor

Model turned entrepreneur Pippa O'Connor recently returned from a business trip to New York.

However, poor Pippa spent the week fretting as she thought she had lost her engagement ring.

"I was frantically packing to go away and I thought I put it in the place where I usually put it. I've never misplaced it and I just couldn't find it," she said.

Pippa (30) was convinced her prized possession was gone forever when her hubby Brian Ormond couldn't find it while she was away.

Luckily, fate intervened and the mum-of-one to young Ollie found it when she wasn't looking for it.

"I don't know how it ended up where I found it - it was in a sock drawer randomly," she revealed.

"Brian looked for it the whole time I was away. I looked for it when I came back and said 'feck it, it's gone now' until I opened up the drawer and there it was sparkling up to me.

"He was probably terrified of having to buy another one and that's why he was looking," she laughed.