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'I ditched the fake tan, hair extensions and make-up to find success in London - Holly


Top model Holly Carpenter

Top model Holly Carpenter

Top model Holly Carpenter

Top Irish model Holly Carpenter has revealed how she had to don a more natural look while attending castings in London.

The former Miss Ireland moved to London with best friend and fellow model Jayne Higgins in October and admits she ditched the fake tan, hair extensions and make-up in order to fit in.

"They want you so pared back in London, so I've hardly been wearing any make-up over there and got rid of my hair extensions," Carpenter told the Diary.

"It's a completely different scene and you have to change to what they want and adapt quickly."

Glamorous best friends Holly and Jayne worked and played hard and both girls are now signed to BMA Models which is a fashion and commercial modelling agency that is based in London, Dubai and Beirut.

Holly's more natural look worked wonders as she landed two agencies in the English capital.

"I have two agencies over there now and went to a number of castings every day, so it was hectic," she revealed.

"It's a lot harder to be chosen for a job over there because there are so many other girls going for the one gig.

"I managed to get a few which is great, but I was more going over there to get out of my comfort zone," she added.

While the brunette found the move to be a good experience, she undecided as to whether or not she will head back in the New Year.

"I was there for two months and I'm home now for a while because there's no point going back in January when things are quiet," she said.

"I'll either go back in February or I'll decide to stay here, I just need time to decide."

Despite their fun in London, Holly (23) admits she doesn't see herself living there full-time.

"Mum and dad know what a homebird I am, and even though I try not to call them when I'm homesick, I know they can tell on the phone," she admitted.

Holly has been lending a hand to a number of charities over the last few weeks.

She attended the Crumlin Ward Walk with a host of other celebs last week where they sang songs and visited sick children in the wards.

On Christmas Day, the Assets beauty headed to the RDS where she worked with the Knights of Columbanus to make Christmas dinners for the homeless.

She posted a video of her working hard getting the snacks together, and captioned it: "Great morning helping out at the RDS... I was on the sandwich-making team for their goody bags at the end".