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'I can't believe it,' says Pippa as new fashion venture is big success


Pippa O'Connor

Pippa O'Connor

Pippa O'Connor

Model and entrepreneur Pippa O'Connor spent the weekend hosting her first Fashion Factory of 2015 and revealed to the Diary that she can't believe how successful they've become.

Tickets for her last few events have sold out within hours and the number of people attending her events are increasing all the time.

"We're going around the country this year - the response has been great and it's gone from having 50 people coming to almost 200 at every event so it's become this massive production," she said.

"It's taking loads of work but it's great to be able to do my own thing. We're going to film them as well and see what happens.

"I did one as a taster with about 50 people last year and the response has been incredible," she added.

Pippa (30) describes the events as the ultimate girls' day out.

"It's a day out where you come to a gorgeous five-star hotel and it's a day full of make up and hair tutorials and a fashion show," she explained.

"We have afternoon tea and champagne - it's just a really nice day of escapism for women.


"They come and enjoy themselves and leave their kids at home for a few hours and just forget about their hectic working week for a few hours.

"It's absolutely for pampering and I think we all deserve a little treat and a little fluff every now and again," she added.

Her website, pippa.ie, is also doing very well and the mum-of-one has plans to expand it this year.

"The website has come on massively in the last year without me intending it to," she said.

"It started out as a small blog that I did as a hobby and it's just turned in to a big full-time job and I really want to keep pursuing that.

"I want to make it the number one website in Ireland and in Europe and hopefully bring it international as well," she added.

She is signed to the books of Andrea Roche's Modelling Agency but Pippa says she'll be winding down her modelling commitments.

"I'm still doing a few gigs and I do really enjoy modelling - it has been an amazing thing for me to be able to do over the past 10 years," she said.

"It's opened so many doors and given me so many contacts and it really has been great."

"I'll probably slow up in the near future, I'm definitely doing less and less at the moment, but it's great to still have my fingers in every pie which is good," she added.