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Gavin James to perform on top of Capitol Records


Gavin James

Gavin James

Gavin James

Irish musician Gavin James will be marking his arrival in the States with a rooftop gig at Capitol Records in Hollywood.

The singer-songwriter is looking forward to getting stuck in to recording after he signed up with the high-profile record company. He's now gearing up for the incredible opportunity to perform on top of the building - joining the likes of Arcade Fire before him.

"We're doing a gig on top of Capitol Records building which should be fun - it's going to be amazing," he told the Diary. "During the song, I'm just going to stop and go 'Oh my god.'

"We signed the record deal with them before Christmas and I spent January getting my visa sorted," he told the Diary.

The Dubliner is also set to perform at the famous Oscar Wilde party which takes place in Los Angeles every year during Oscars week.

"I heard everyone that's Irish goes to it," he said.

"Last year, Tom Cruise went - I think, if he came I'd be like 'oh my god', I'd freak out a lot," he added.