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Everything's sunny in my dream job, says UTV weather presenter Jenny Buckley


Jenny Buckley

Jenny Buckley

Jenny Buckley

UTV Ireland's Jenny Buckley says her new role as the weather presenter is the "perfect job".

The Dublin native hosts the weather after the news and current affairs shows - Ireland Live and Ireland Live At 10 five nights a week.

"UTV is going really good, I'm really enjoying it - it's the perfect job," Jenny told the Diary.

"I haven't felt this happy in years, it's great. We have a lovely team and it's a different venture - it's not something I've done before so I'm learning so much all the time.

"I'm really getting loads out of it, it's brilliant," she added.

Naturally being on air five nights a week requires an extensive wardrobe and Jenny (35) reveals she's slowly building up her on-screen looks.

"At the moment there is a great local boutique in Howth called Maggie and Me and Ailish from there has been supplying me with a lot of stuff," she said.

"We're starting off slow and building the wardrobe slowly - obviously we will have seasonal changes all the time as well.

"There's a lot you can't wear, so I'll be going for a tailored look -I'll be holding back on the wacky.

"At the moment, I'm very happy with it," she added.


She also recently said that there would be no rivalry between her and RTE's Jean Byrne, who is known for her unusual style.

"It's the nature of it, I think, that there'll be comparisons with Jean but we're very different people and I'll bring a different style to it," she confirmed.

The station has only been on air for over a month now and Jenny says she has received good feedback, despite the ratings being lower than other channels.

"All I've heard is very positive feedback, I haven't heard anything about the ratings - just about us constantly moving forward all the time," she said.

"Everyone that I've been talking to seems very happy so that's great."

Jenny is now recognised a bit more on the street but says no one has pulled her up on getting the forecast wrong.

"No one has been slagging me but the one thing is that I'm from Howth and it's a really community-based place so you'd know everyone," she explained.

"And so people go 'Hi Jenny, how's the weather?' and the next person goes 'How's the weather?' so it's constant but it's all good -it's all very positive."