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Diana prepares for move to London in New Year as she finishes on childrens' TV


Diana Bunici

Diana Bunici

Sile Seoige  and Ashleigh Kiernan (11), Lucan, with the CIE Male Voice Choir at the launch of Carols for Commuters in aid of the Make A Wish Ireland at Hueston Station, Dublin.

Sile Seoige and Ashleigh Kiernan (11), Lucan, with the CIE Male Voice Choir at the launch of Carols for Commuters in aid of the Make A Wish Ireland at Hueston Station, Dublin.

Ruth O'Neill

Ruth O'Neill


Diana Bunici

Diana Bunici is set to pack her bags and move to London after Christmas in order to further her career, the Diary can reveal.

The 25-year-old has been on the RTE2 show Elev8 for five years but is ready to leave children's TV as she gets older.

"It's going to be scary, it's going to be sad. I'm getting very sentimental because every time I'm in studio I remember different things from over the years but I'm also really excited about a new chapter," she said.

"I was toying with New York for a while but it's far away from family and friends.

"Also, I'm hoping to keep working here so it's easier to travel between the two so I've set up loads of meetings so hopefully something will come through.

"Finding somewhere to live is on my agenda for the next week or two. It's kind of weird, everything is changing, but in a good way," she added.


Diana has been busy filming Elev8, will which will finish on December 19, but she has also penned her own novel which she says is semi-autobiographical.

"I started writing this book about two years ago. I guess it's a little bit conceited of me, since it's semi-autobiographical," she said.

"It's about a little girl from Moldova, in eastern Europe, coming to Ireland and the experiences that she goes through.

"So it's telling the story of immigration - I think a lot of children will be able relate to it.

"We live in such a multi-cultural society and every child will have friends from other countries but I think it will be nice and I'm sure there are other books similar to mine," she added.


Diana moved to Ireland from Moldova when she was eight and hopes that her book will relate to children who move country like she did as a child.

"It will be nice to get the perspective of a child who moved here, what they're going through, what they're thinking and what they're feeling," she said.

"I was that kid, I was eight years old and I moved to Ireland. I had no English I was just completely lost, left in school the first day with no way of being able to communicate.

"It's almost finished. I was very close to finishing it about a year and a half ago - got really busy with life and I've only started back up in the last month or so," she added.

She's been enjoying her time at home before she leaves in the New Year - attending the People of The Year Awards with her brother last weekend.

She also enjoyed Kodaline's secret gig at the Ruby sessions in Doyle's on Tuesday night and buying all her Christmas presents.


Sile asks celeb friends to push for Christmas No1

Sile Seoige has been touring the country promoting her charity single, Maybe This Christmas and now she's inviting other top celebs to download the track and share their Christmas wishes.

"We are hoping to raise tons and tons of money for Make A Wish Ireland as they so badly need it and of course for the ISPCC Childline so they don't have to close their night time service," she said.

"The way to do it is to buy our song, which is called Maybe This Christmas, and is on iTunes and I nominate my sister Grainne Seoige, The Rubberbandits and Niall Horan of One Direction to download the track and share their Christmas wishes with us too, all in aid of some great charities," she added.

Other celebs who have given their support to the festive track include Stephen Fry, Sharon Corr and Clodagh McKenna.

The Connemara native is hoping to get the track - which she recorded with a host of familiar Irish faces - to the top of the Irish charts in time for Christmas and says she'll be promoting it right up until Santa arrives.

"It is ambitious but why not reach for the stars?

"With X Factor finishing up it will be tough, but I think it would be lovely to have an Irish song as Christmas number one," she gushed.

"I'll be doing radio and a bit of telly and really just spreading the word over the next few weeks," she added.

relax Once the promotional work for the single is done, Sile (35) will be glad to chill out for a few days over Christmas.

"It's going to be flat out now up until Christmas Day so I'll just be chilling, eating and visiting at home until the New Year," she said.

Ruth's on her way home for Christmas and heading for the pub

Ruth O'Neill may be living the high life in LA working for E! News but the former model is excited to be coming home for Christmas.

The former Assets model moved to LA four years ago and has interviewed a host of A-list celebrities including Kate Hudson, Victoria's Secret's Angel Alessandra Ambrosio and most recently Kate Bosworth.

"I interviewed Kate Bosworth for E! She chatted about her new shoe collection, beauty must-haves and the highlight of her year," she said.

Even though she meets celebrities every day, Ruth insists that she doesn't want to date someone who's famous saying she wouldn't like the "intense scrutiny".

Despite the fabulous warm weather in LA, the UCD graduate is looking forward to coming back to Ireland to celebrate Christmas.

"Entering a Dublin pub on a winter's night is like walking into a Christmas card. Can't wait to go home," she wrote on Twitter.

Ruth (27) has maintained her Irish connections and recently filmed a segment on street style in LA for Darren Kennedy's fashion series #Trending on RTE2.