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Celebrity Diary with Anna Daly: It's been fifty shades of fun on the show all week


Anna Daly

Anna Daly

Anton Savage

Anton Savage


Anna Daly

It's been the usual fun, busy week on Ireland AM and I anchored this morning's show as well.

We started off the week drooling over the red carpet looks at both the Baftas and the Grammys - they're completely different award shows as the Baftas are quite stuffy while the Grammys are outrageous with everyone up dancing and having a good time.

We only have a couple of events like that in Ireland, like the Iftas or the VIP Style Awards and they are always such fun nights.

Although I have to say that my preparations for those events have totally changed since I had my two boys, Euan and James.

I would previously have planned my dress months beforehand, visited lots of different boutiques and taken my time to choose one, but now I have somewhere send in a few dresses and I just pick one.

It's funny because I feel happier doing it that way than spending lots of time getting ready for an event - sometimes I think you look better when you don't focus on it too much.

Another fun segment I did this week was I visited Weir's jewellers on Grafton Street and had the whole champagne experience while looking at their exquisite rings.

I tried on everything from the beginner rings to the 'money is no object' showstoppers.

I was lucky enough to try on the most expensive ring in the show, which was worth a whopping €230,000 and was just incredible.

I'm a bit of a tom-boy in that respect so rather than getting a diamond worth that much I'd love a sports car or lots of luxurious holidays and expensive handbags.

Of course, Fifty Shades Of Grey has dominated the show this week as well - it's really captured everyone's imagination.

It's such a fun topic to talk about, although we have to be extra careful as we're an early morning show, so children could be watching us before they go out to school.

I had hoped to go to the Fifty Shades Of Grey premiere last night but I couldn't in the end because I was presenting the show this morning.

I've heard mixed things about the movie but Jamie Dornan is so gorgeous that at least he's nice to look at.

It was great to catch up with Anton on his new show

Having worked with Anton Savage on Ireland AM during the summer, I went behind the scenes of his new show on Today FM.

We'll be showing that video on the show next week, but it was good fun to catch up with Anton and see the flow of a live radio production in comparison to live television.

Similar to Ireland AM, the Anton Savage Show (ASS - which is hilarious) has regular gear changes as he moves from news stories and paper headlines to the latest gadgets in the world of virtual reality. They made me go live on air and experience a terrifying rollercoaster through this headset.

I was trying to avoid coming across all girlie live on radio but the more terrifying it became, the more I did exactly that.

Thankfully Anton wasn't too far behind me and it was a lot of fun. It was mad to experience such an intense rollercoaster just through a head set.

One of the things I love about working on Ireland AM is all the different and unusual segments I get to do every day.

I'll be having a romantic night in with my hubbie

I feel really cringy about going out for dinner on Valentine's Day so myself and Ben usually wait and go out the week after.

Don't get me wrong, I love date nights and trying out new restaurants but maybe because I'm married and not on the dating scene, I don't like heading out on Valentine's night itself.

I think it's a bit like New Year's Eve, it's always sort of underwhelming but everyone is always asking each other what their plans are.

I just don't want to feel any pressure so we'll probably stay at home, cook a meal and watch Breaking Bad.

I recently met Aaron Paul which was such a highlight for me - he's definitely in the top three people I've ever met.

Yesterday was busy between anchoring Ireland AM and then a photocall with Seat in the afternoon because I'm one of their brand ambassadors, so I'm looking forward to a quiet, relaxing weekend.