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Caroline - I'm skipping party nights as I need my voice to nail Abbey stage role


Caroline Morahan

Caroline Morahan

Caroline Morahan

There'll be no boozing for actress Caroline Morahan this Christmas as she focuses on keeping herself well for her current part in She Stoops To Conquer at the Abbey Theatre.

Caroline, who is based in LA, admits that there won't be any mad nights out in Dublin over the festive period as she gets really bad hangovers and it affects her voice.

"I have Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and St Stephen's Day off so I'll have a hot port or two or some champagne but there'll be no going crazy for me - being an auld one I takes days to recover so I won't be going crazy, absolutely not," she told the Diary.

She will also be going totally drink-free this January in order to kick the New Year off with a healthy start and is an ambassador for the On The Dry initiative by the Irish Heart Foundation.

"I do generally go on the dry in January and November as well so it won't be that big of a shock to the system," she admitted.


"You feel great when you do it and I love going out when I'm not drinking and realising that you actually don't need it.

"It makes you realise that the psychological thing of thinking 'Oh I can't do that unless I'm drinking' is all in your head," she continued.

"Particularly for us as Irish people, I think we're quite reliant on it and it's a great idea from a health point of view.

"Dry January actually lends itself well this year because if you're drinking that affects your voice and there are no mikes to lean on in the Abbey," she added.

Caroline (37) will be heading back to sunny LA in February where she lives with her husband Daithi O Caoimh and admits the night life over there is completely different to Ireland.

"It's completely different over there. People do drink, absolutely, but they don't have the culture of sitting around and talking the way we do," she said.

"People in LA are often in a rush from one thing to the next.


"They go to several things in the one night, there's no such thing as 'we'll be there and we'll see you'.

"Nobody in the world knows how to have fun like the Irish do," she added.

She also revealed that her agent is keen to have her back in Hollywood as soon as possible.

"I'm flying back as soon as the show is over. My agent is keen to have me back as pilot season has started. It's frenetic over there," she said.

"My Christmas wish is for direct flights from Dublin to LA. I would love if Aer Lingus would bring them back. They cancelled them right as I moved which is so typical," she laughed.