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Brian and Vogue keeping it calm for Christmas ahead of wild New Year's party


Brian and Vogue

Brian and Vogue

Brian and Vogue

Vogue Williams and her hubby Brian McFadden will be getting out of the city and heading to Kerry with their friends to ring in the New Year.

The glamorous couple will spend Christmas at Brian's parents house with his daughters Molly and Lilly-Sue.

"We have the two girls and his mam cooks a massive dinner so we just have to sit and watch telly and eat. She doesn't want help with anything," Vogue told the Diary.

Vogue (29) has an offer down on a house in Howth but won't be able to move in until the New Year.

"I thought we'd be in for Christmas but it's 90pc there now. Hopefully we'll make the move in January before I go back to London," she said.


Once they've spent a few days relaxing in Dublin, the couple will be heading to Kerry with their friends for a New Year's Eve party.

"We're going down the country with loads of our friends so that'll be a wild party," she revealed. "There's about 12 of us going down to Kerry for about three days and our friend's mam is cooking us a big dinner."

Both Vogue and Brian (34) both have shows lined up with ITV in the New Year and Vogue is also filming a new season of Reality Bites for RTE.

"I'm doing four more Reality Bites which is good. They came to me with an idea for one and then I pitched the other three shows. I sort of went in and just brainstormed with them, so I'm really excited to do those."

The couple have been married since 2012 but former model Vogue admits she's too busy to have children just yet.

"No not yet, I just have so much coming up next year, I just can't [have kids]," she admitted.


Former Westlife singer Brian revealed that while he has new shows coming up with ITV, he's also working on new music.

"I'm just back from a European tour and I'm making a new album in January," he said.

"I'm going to work with people that I've worked with before and a few new faces as well. We're getting it all together now and we'll start recording pretty much the first week of January. I'll spend a few months at that and then back into TV once it's finished."