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Baby Billy is full of tricks, reveals BOD


Brian O'Driscoll

Brian O'Driscoll


Rugby legend Brian O'Driscoll has revealed that his newborn son Billy is keeping him and his wife Amy Huberman up at night.

Amy gave birth to their first son on November 20 at Holles Street Maternity Hospital and Brian admits it's been all "fun and games" since.

"Billy is great. But just when you think you have it sorted, they trick you and they stay up for the night," he revealed.


Brian (35) also admitted that their daughter Sadie is finally taking an interest in her new sibling.

"Sadie was a bit oblivious to it all and really couldn't have cared less for the first few weeks but now she's taking more of an interest in him," he said.

He also revealed he was "flattered" by the success of his autobiography The Test, which won Book of the Year at the Irish Book Awards in November.

"There's great competition, every year. We produce some great sports books in Ireland and people have a lot of really great stories to tell so to win against that competition is obviously very flattering."

He was speaking on the Ian Dempsey Breakfast Show on Today FM, where he was presented with the Man of the Year Award.