Dublin flights' chaos as blizzards batter America

Trains sit idle early in Boston due to high winds and the nearly two-feet of snow that fell in the area overnight.

Fiona Dillon

A MASSIVE storm on the east coast of America was threatening to disrupt more flights from Dublin this weekend.

Aer Lingus advised passengers to New York and Boston to check on their flights before departing for the airport.

It said that "northeast winter storm moving up the east coast of the US" had hit some flights to the two cities yesterday.

"We will continue to closely monitor the track of the storm," the airline said.

It said that it would update its website with any changes to its schedule as they develop.

US families have been stocking up on food and supplies ahead of the storm, which is expected to dump up to one metre of snow from New York City to Boston and beyond.

Schools were shut yesterday in many of the affected regions as residents braced themselves for the blizzards.

"This one doesn't come along every day. This is going to be a dangerous winter storm," said Alan Dunham, meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Taunton, Massachusetts.

Heavy snowfall last night was expected to continue today along the US east coast, with wind gusts of up to 121kph forecast in the affected areas.

Meanwhile, while Ireland does not have to contend with this kind of extreme weather, it certainly doesn't look very promising over the next few days.


Snow, sleet and yet more rain are all on the horizon from tomorrow onwards. Deirdre Lowe, of Met Eireann, said rain will become widespread tonight.

Tomorrow will be quite cold and "some of the rain could turn to sleet or snow in the east", she said.

Met Eireann said Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be very cold. Daytime temperatures will range from two to six degrees and it will be coldest in the east and north.