Dublin fans confident league win will help them keep Sam

Karen and Paul Buckley, Kill, at the Dublin V Kerry match at Croke Park in Dublin. Pictures: Arthur Carron

Jane O'Faherty

Dublin fans left Hill 16 with a spring in their step following another decisive victory over Kerry in the football league final.

After the game, blue-clad supporters were confident of more successes this summer.

Hazel Chapman and Nadine Cooney, from St Margaret's, took a break from their Leaving Cert studies to be in Croke Park for the game.


"No matter what match it is, Dublin and Kerry games just always have that atmosphere," said Nadine (17).

"The fact that there is that rivalry there, it just brings so much.

"It always will be Dublin and Kerry - head to head."

Kildare-based Dubliners Paul and Karen Buckley said little compares with the intense rivalry between the two teams.

"It's like the derby with Kerry," said Paul. "It's like Manchester United playing Manchester City. Kerry fans know it's the same thing - it's going to be a battle."

Karen was also ecstatic after the win, saying: "We were on the hill, so the atmosphere was fantastic."

Orla McGuigan (15) and Nicole Hughes (14), from Tallaght, were in no doubt whatsoever about Dublin's future. "They'll win the All-Ireland. Definitely," said Nicole.