Drunk teen put out of bar was looking for fight

Robert Kavanagh drank too much at an 18th birthday party

Andrew Phelan

A teenager ejected from an 18th birthday party was arrested for challenging members of the public to fight, a court heard.

Robert Kavanagh (18) had the case against him adjourned at Dublin District Court.

Kavanagh, of Shangan Green, Ballymun, admitted public drunkenness and causing a breach of the peace.

The public order offences happened at the Wright Venue, Airside Retail Park, Swords, last June 11 at 2.15am.

The court heard gardai responded to a complaint that the defendant had been ejected from the premises and was refused re-entry.

Officers arrived and found him being aggressive and verb- ally abusive to members of the public, a garda sergeant said in evidence.

He was threatening people and offering to fight them.

Kavanagh is the father of a two-year-old boy, and his own parents were present in court to support him, his lawyer said.

They were taking the situation "very seriously".


"He was trying to pick a fight with members of the public," said Judge Halpin.

"If he had come across diff- erently they might have taken him up on the offer."

The court was told Kavanagh had no previous convictions of any kind.

"He consumed far too much alcohol at an 18th birthday party, he was ejected and he took exception to that," said the judge.

He felt what Kavanagh had drunk was "a little bit over the half-way mark".

The court heard the defendant had been on a family holiday at the time of the incident.

Judge Halpin said he was prepared to leave Kavanagh without a criminal conviction if he made a donation to charity.

He remanded him on continuing bail and said he should return to the court with €200.

He said that if this were paid, he would dismiss the charges under the Probation Act.

Judge Halpin granted free legal aid to the defence after an application was made and there was no objection from gardai.