Don't forget your mace at Playboy mansion, Shahira

TYPICAL. You wait ages for an Irish model to appear in Playboy, then two come along at once.

Because hot on the heels of Rosanna Davison's appearance later this month, it seems that model Shahira Barry is about to bag herself a spread in that favoured magazine of the one-handed reader.

Her first step to Playboy stardom is an invitation to one of their weekly pool parties, which will see her trying to catch the eye of the man himself, Hugh Hefner.

And looking forward to her big day, Shahira commented, "I can't believe I've been asked to go.

"Being there and meeting the Hef is going to be surreal."

Which is all very well, except the interview is accompanied by a picture of the Hef "meeting" another wannabe, with the octogenarian, pyjama-clad lothario grasping the bottom of a bikini-wearing model a quarter of his age.

So best of luck Shahira.

And in all the excitement, don't forget your bikini.

Or your can of mace.