Donegal cars fall foul of the clampers

Donegal car clamped

By Joyce Fegan

AT least 21 cars fell foul of the clampers yesterday around Croke Park.

And if Donegal lost on the field they had a bad day off the pitch too.

Nine of the clamped cars were decked out in Donegal paraphernalia.

The cars were spotted in and around the stadium during the All-Ireland football final.

Six cars were clamped on Glendalough Road, one of which was covered in Donegal flags.


On Iona Drive three cars were illegally parked with one of them carrying Donegal banners.

On St Joseph's Street four cars got clamped - all of which came from Donegal.

And on Crawford Avenue three cars had clamps on them, again all belonging to yesterday's All-Ireland's runner-ups.

Three other clamped vehicles were seen around the vicinity of the stadium.

Dublin City Council warned GAA fans ahead of the game that parking was limited in the residential area of Croke Park.

"The area is monitored by Dublin City Council Parking Enforcement and illegally parked cars may be clamped or towed away," said the authority.

The council was unable to provide exact figures on the total numbers of vehicles that were clamped yesterday.