Doctors order TV3 star Sinead to slow down after emergency op

Melanie Finn

TV presenter Sinead Desmond has been warned by medics to slow down after almost bursting her appendix.

The Diary can reveal how the 36-year-old Ireland AM host had a lucky escape after being rushed to hospital to have an emergency procedure.

The TV3 personality initially thought she was suffering from a kidney infection -- and it was only thanks to the quick thinking of her GP that she was correctly diagnosed.

"I just thought I was hung-over, to be honest," she explained. "My friend had come over to visit me from England so we had gone out for a few scoops.

"I felt rotten the next day and I thought I must be getting really old, I can't even handle a few pints any more! I thought maybe it was one of my kidney infections kicking in as I am prone to them. I took some antibiotics and thought that was it. But I wasn't getting any better so I went to see my doctor and he said he had a feeling it was my appendix and I went in for keyhole surgery two days later.

"Fair play to him for spotting it as I wasn't showing any of the usual symptoms. He's not even my usual doctor but I rang him afterwards to thank him."


The brunette co-presenter of Ireland AM took two weeks off work as she recovered from the procedure and admits that she was dying to get back to her job, which sees her having to get up at 4.30am every morning.

The energetic personality, who was off work for more than three months after almost suffering a brain haemorrhage in June 2008, has now been advised to cut back on her frenetic lifestyle.

She has admitted that her husband David Ryan frequently admonishes her for doing too much, given her past medical history.

She had to be flown off Mont Blanc last year after coming down with altitude sickness, but is adamant this had nothing to do with her nearly having an aneurysm.

"I just get bored not doing anything," she continued. "I was trying to go back to the gym this week and Davie was like 'No you're not' so I'm going to put it off until next week.

"The doctors advised me to stay mobile but not to go running up any mountains. I'm still feeling a bit tired but I feel I have been very lucky in my life."