Doctors left 'confounded' by Gibb's recovery

Robert Dex

BEE Gees star Robin Gibb has "beaten the odds" by waking from a coma only days after doctors told his family he "was in God's hands", the singer's son said today.

Robin-John Gibb said his father, who fell into a coma after contracting pneumonia in his battle against colon and liver cancer, was "completely compos mentis now".

He told ITV News: "Two days before that they said they'd thrown the kitchen sink at him, that it was time to make plans because he was in God's hands and such, but he beat the odds again and they gave him an under-10pc survival chance and he has beaten the odds... he really is something else."

Doctors said they were "confounded" by the 62-year-old Gibb's progress.