Diary of a recessionista: Still not sold on the online shopping trip

Niamh Hopkins

There has been no let-up in the dreary weather, giving ample opportunity for relaxing indoors wrapped up in many layers.

Not being able to nip to the shops as often as I'd like, I've been spending my evenings dabbling in some online shopping.

While I have browsed in the past, I'd yet to be seduced into buying an item I hadn't actually felt between my fingers, until my first dress from Asos just before Christmas.

It was a gamble but I felt secure in the knowledge that it could be returned for no cost if I wasn't entirely happy with it -- an effortless, hassle-free service.

I crossed my fingers that my purchase would live up to my imagination -- and it did! It took me through the party season with various accessories, and I was satisfied I had snared a bargain.

Usually with shopping it's the feel of a fabric or the shape of a shoe that lures me into must-have-mode and I never really get that lustful want as much from simply clicking on an image.

The online revolution has continued to boom though, so I continued with my pursuit of bargain hunting determined to be won over.

To my delight I found a dress I had spotted months ago, before I had started working again and was now thrilled to find it slashed in the sale on littlewoods.ie.

I started an account and filled out the delivery details for my first purchase on the site, almost 10 days ago now, and, at the time of submitting this article I have yet to receive my package.

Unlike the effortless Asos, Littlewoods declined to deliver to my desired address -- it must go to my home address, despite my being at the office during working hours.

A lesson to Littlewoods, nice site, great finds but the service has yet to convince me.

Apart from revisiting Asos I'll return to doing most of my shopping by foot once the weather improves.