Daybreak duo snubbed me in One Show row -- Evans

Sherna Noah

Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley have refused to speak to Chris Evans over his job on The One Show, the presenter has said.

The Radio 2 DJ claims that Chiles -- who quit the BBC after Evans was parachuted into the programme to host the Friday slot -- had told him he wanted to stop doing the show at the end of the week.

He told Heat magazine that before Bleakley followed Chiles to ITV, she had given the impression that she wanted to "establish herself in her own right".

Evans said he got on extremely well with the pair -- staying out until 3am -- after he was a guest on the show last year.

The Radio 2 Breakfast DJ said: "Adrian told me he didn't like doing Fridays. He told me this directly.

"He didn't want to give up Match Of The Day 2 on Sundays, but the Friday show was a hassle.

"Bear in mind that he and Christine had hit this stellar fame for the first time and he was talking about giving up a chunk of it. I thought that was odd."

Evans said that soon after their night out, he was called by the boss of The One Show who asked him if he would like to present the Friday programme.

He said of the offer: "I totally understood, because I'd just had that conversation with Adrian about Fridays being a drag."

Evans said he had believed that "Adrian found out it was going to be me doing Fridays and he decided he didn't want Fridays off any more".

"Two or three months later, there was the bolt from the blue -- Adrian had signed to ITV. And by the way, Adrian hasn't spoken to me since that night out," Evans said.

He said: "Christine gave me the impression she wanted to establish herself in her own right. Everyone knew she was living in Adrian's shadow."

Evans told the magazine he had dropped into the studio "to say to Christine, 'How great is this? You've got what you wanted .... you're no longer one of two, you're one of one"'... and the pair had a "proper celebration".

But he added: "She's never spoken to me since, either."

Evans labelled the pair's move to ITV a "bizarre career choice" and said that Bleakley's decision did not make "any sense".

Chiles, who presents morning show Daybreak with Bleakley, announced in April that he was joining ITV, saying that it was "no secret how disappointed" he was at the decision to alter The One Show's format.