Daughter's toy idea might have the Edge

Clodagh Sheehy

AS daughter of U2 guitarist the Edge, Arran Evans, is on the threshold of her own successful career.

Arran (24) has created a range of biodegradable children's toys which will be launched at an international showcase next month.

The Mulch Men toys are two-inch high aliens and spacemen that first morph into zombies and goblins before eventually disintegrating into garden compost.

They are made from biodegradable plastic, created from potato starch, and the range has 25 different figurines.

Arran has also designed a landscape for the Mulch Men to live in.

At the end of their play-life, the Mulch Men can be buried in damp soil. Within two weeks their appearance changes.

"The spaceman turns into an alien, the soldier becomes a zombie and the mad scientist mutates into a goblin," said Arran. Finally they can be simply thrown on the compost heap.

Arran, a final-year student of Product and Furniture Design at Kingston University London, has already made a name for herself with a designer cotton handbag called a Baile Bag.

Course leader Simon Maidment said the brief given to students was to identify a worldwide problem and then try to design a creative and meaningful solution.

"Our dependence on oil-based plastics is a serious issue, but Arran's solution is one that will make a lot of people smile", he added.

Arran's designs will be launched at Kingston University's degree show from June 6-11, an event that traditionally attracts top industry players.