Daithi will be back for next year's Rose

RTE presenter Daithi O Se has confirmed he will be back next year.

The two-time presenter -- and former judge -- revealed how he'll be taking to the stage at the Dome in 2012 for his third stint at the event.

"I will be back next year, that's what I've been told. It's in the contract anyway," he said.

He dropped some more nuggets of gossip about his much-discussed wedding to Irish-American fiancee Rita Talty, saying he has ear-marked July 2012 for the event. "We hope next July. We both have family who are in school so we want to wait until they are off school to get them all involved. And it's looking like it will be in Ireland," he explained.

The Kerryman added how he probably has inspired hope among the other contestants that they may find love -- and then everyone will stop talking about him and Rita. "I hope it is happening and I hope there is a big scandal. And they'll stop talking about me and Rita," he said.

Speaking about the tough job of the escorts, he added how they are kept "well apart" from the competing Roses. "The escorts really have a tough job they are trying to care for the Roses all the time, they are gentlemen like, but I hope there is romance blossoming," he added.