Cyrus launches Asda clothes range

Teenage superstar Miley Cyrus swapped sunny LA for a rain-lashed Asda as she launched a clothes range in front of screaming fans.

The Hannah Montana actress and pop sensation added some screen glamour when she dropped in to meet young fans at the store in Derby.

Many had queued for hours to see 17-year-old Cyrus just hours after she had turned on the style at the MTV Europe Video Music Awards in Madrid.

Emilea Hughes, 16, had travelled from Liverpool and had been queueing since 6pm yesterday. She said: "She inspires me and I grew up with her through my teenage years so she means everything to me."

Another fan, seven-year-old Laiya Ghuman, said: "I like the way she sings."

Cyrus was launching her new Miley And Max clothes range for George at Asda.

Asda's PR head Leah Watson said: "The response has been overwhelming - everybody loves Miley.

"There's probably about five or six hundred people here today but thousands and thousands of people actually wanted to come in and see Miley and see the new range that she's been doing with George but unfortunately she just couldn't see everyone."

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