Cunning Niamh nearly catches Paul with his pants down

Niamh and Paul get intimate while Hayley is hiding under the bed

Sean O'Grady

Tensions rise on tonight's Fair City as love rat Paul almost gets caught in the act by Niamh.

Although his wife is well aware of his tryst with Hayley, Niamh has kept it to herself as she continues her plot to bankrupt her cheating husband.

She is disgusted when she finds out that Paul has ditched their shopping plans to meet with Hayley in the apartment they have been using and decides to follow them.


As the pair begin to get passionate, they are shocked to hear Niamh's voice outside the door and Paul quickly tells Hayley to hide under the bed so they won't be caught.

Cunning Niamh pretends she was just coming to have a look at the apartment when Paul pokes his head out the door and tells his wife that his meeting was cancelled, explaining his presence in the apartment.

She suggests to Paul that they take advantage of having the place to themselves and drags him onto the bed while Hayley hides underneath it.

With Hayley just inches away, Paul becomes awkward and makes Niamh stop. They then decide to go on their shopping trip following the love rat's new-found availability.

Niamh is delighted at how she has made him suffer while Hayley is left raging in the apartment when they leave.

Niamh lies to go further in her plot to infuriate Paul, telling him that their daughter Rachel (above)does not want to see him and irks him further by inviting Jane, mum to his son Callum, to Christmas dinner along with Nicola.