Crime Watch West Dublin: Thieves steal life buoys

The local crime stories in West Dublin

Lucan: Theives steal life buoys

THREE newly-installed ring buoys were stolen from the Lucan Demesne.

The theft occurred just a short time after the life-saving rings were installed along the banks of the River Liffey.

A water safety campaign by a group of students from St Joseph's College in the village saw the introduction of 66 buoys around the county.

"The reckless removal of these lifebuoys is a slap in the face to all those who campaigned for improved water safety," Cllr William Lavelle said.

"The thugs who stole or disposed of these lifebuoys should be ashamed of themselves."

Mountview: Pride of Place flowers robbed

RESIDENTS were left angry following the theft of flowers they had planted as part of a Pride of Place Initiative.

Locals in Mountview and Blakestown planted the flowers along a stretch of road as part of the national competition.

It is hoped that they would be named best urban neighbourhood as a result of the project.

The flowers planted in the Sheepmore end were stolen shortly after they were planted, however.

It is suspected that they were stolen to be sold on as they were freshly planted and could be uprooted.

Tallaght: Suspicious vans in Old Bawn

RESIDENTS in Tallaght have raised concerns about suspicious vans driving in the area.

Several vans have been spotted in various parts of the Old Bawn area of Tallaght in recent weeks.

Some of the drivers have been advertising works such as gutter cleaning or paving work.

Residents are concerned that the drivers are casing houses for burglaries.

The suspicious incidents have been reported to gardai.

Clondalkin: Concern about bogus callers

AN alert has been raised about a group of people distributing leaflets in  the Alpine Heights and  Ashwood area of  Clondalkin.

One concerned resident shared the info on a community forum and advised people to be vigilant.

They suspected that several vehicles were part of one group.

In a separate incident in the Oatfield estate, a resident foiled a burglary when they disturbed three men trying to rob their house at around 6.30am.

Ongar: Cars smashed by thugs in thefts

A COMMUNITY alert has been issued to residents in Ongar following a spate of incidents of car damage and thefts.

A number of car windows were smashed up this week over the course of several nights.

The incidents occurred around the park and also in the village of Ongar.

"It's constant, particularly in the early hours of the morning, to have people looking to steal from cars in estates around the area," Cllr David McGuinness said.