Crime Watch: Locals fume as vandals ruin playground in Swords


A PLAYGROUND in Swords has been left with just three pieces of play equipment due to vandals.

Parents have complained that Rathingle playground is a constant hive of anti-social behaviour, particularly at night.

Goalposts on the adjoining pitch were also damaged recently.

Fingal is considering closing the playground, but has said that it would like to avoid that if possible.

It will be October before repair works can begin.

Racist graffiti in Demesne

A SWASTIKA symbol was spraypainted onto a tree in Santry Demesne last week.

The offensive symbol was graffitied on by vandals and is proving difficult to remove with specialist chemicals.

"To be fair, the council were on it straight away. The difficulty is removing it without damaging the tree," local councillor Justin Sinnot said.

In a separate incident, the toilets in the playground in Santry Park in the demesne were also damaged when vandals kicked holes in the walls.

Anti-social behaviour on the rise in Balrothery

RESIDENTS in Balrothery are to discuss setting up a text alert system following a spike in anti-social behaviour.

Local gardai attended a meeting of the Balrothery Community Council to discuss the incidents.

According to the group there has been an increase in anti-social behaviour in the village in recent months.

In one incident a young boy was reportedly assaulted near Rose Park when he was on his way home.

Fly tipping on cycle track in Charlestown

THE problem of illegal dumping on St Margaret's Road has returned.

In 2014 a program was developed by the council to tackle the high rate of illegal dumping in the area.

However, in the last week a mobile home and a mattress were among the objects dumped on a cycle track on the road between Kilshane Cross and the airport.

Cars and sheds are targeted in Balbriggan

AN ALERT has been issued to residents of Balbriggan following a spate of car and shed break-ins.

Advice has been posted on the local website, BalbrigganInfo, urging people to double check that nothing of value is left visible in cars and to secure their sheds.