Crew battles Aer Lingus in sacking case

Alan O'Keeffe

SIX cabin crew are fighting a threat of dismissal after an Aer Lingus transatlantic flight schedule was disrupted.

The cabin crew members have been accused of disrupting timetables by taking "unauthorised rest" following a flight to the US.

Disciplinary procedures were set up by the airline which resulted in a recommendation the crew members be sacked.

The matter has been referred to the company appeals process and a decision is awaited.

A spokesman for the IMPACT trade union, which represents cabin crews, stated it would not comment until the appeals procedures are exhausted.

A source claimed the six crew members, based at Shannon Airport, were accused of taking unauthorised rest following a 17-hour duty. The crew were working on a flight to Boston and were due to catch a Delta flight to New York.

They missed the flight and had to travel by bus to New York. The crew claimed the bus journey time extended their hours on duty.


They claimed they then decided to extend their rest period on safety grounds and they believed they were adhering to normal rest guidelines.

The airline claimed their actions resulted in the flight schedule being disrupted.

When asked about the crew members' claims, a spokewoman for the airline said: "This is an internal Aer Lingus matter and the airline will not be making any comment."

Staff members have claimed rest periods in the US did not form part of the agreement brokered in the Labour Relations Commission in January which brought an end to a bitter dispute between the airline and cabin crew members.

The dispute earlier this year, over rosters and other changes, caused turmoil in staff-management relations at the airline. On January 26, Aer Lingus cancelled 14 flights as a result.

Outbound flights from Dublin to Heathrow, Amsterdam, Manchester, Birmingham and Frankfurt were all affected.