Cowell wanted Dannii back on X Factor 'so people could stare at her cleavage'

Claire Murphy

X FACTOR supremo Simon Cowell's darker side has been revealed -- including the real reason he wanted Dannii Minogue back on the show.

Secret sniping comments, massive public rows and a very private breakdown are all unveiled in this latest insight into the media mogul's life.

The tell-all book outlines how Simon demanded that Dannii Minogue be reintroduced to the show because of her stunning figure.

Cowell (52) made the demand to ITV director of television Peter Fincham during a meeting.

According to the book by Tom Bower, Simon said: "Bring her back to X Factor ... everyone will be looking at her t**s."

The negotiations to bring Dannii back finally fell through -- ITV was prepared to offer her €2.5m but the Australian singer was holding out for €6m.

The book reveals how Simon fell out in swift succession with former winners Will Young and Matt Cardle.

He reportedly made fun of Will's lisp in a TV interview. Young, who won in 2002, then screamed at the entertainment mogul, "Don't ever call me again" -- before slamming down the phone.

Simon was irritated by 2010 X Factor winner Cardle's comments that the record label Columbia was a "real artist's label".

The singer had just signed a joint deal with Columbia and Syco and was then dropped by both in May this year.

Loveable pooch Pudsey was also rejected by the multi-millionaire.

Initially, it was reported that Simon would welcome the winner of Britain's Got Talent in his home in North Palm Drive, Hollywood.

But in reality, he wasn't keen on having the animal in his house.

"I never said anything like that. I'm not having the dog in my home," he said. And an intimate sniping exchange between the judge and Cheryl Cole about singer was also revealed. He texted the Geordie singer to see if she was watching The Voice.

"Not very good is it?" he asked. "Why don't you tell Will he's got a face made for radio."