Court warrant for missing teen

A WARRANT has been issued for the arrest of a youth who allegedly threatened to slash his father's throat after he was arrested for possessing a knife.

The 17-year-old is charged with carrying a knife near his family home in north Dublin, on January 21 last.

After spending six days in custody on remand in January, he had been given bail on condition he stayed away from his parents' home and lived with extended family members. Dublin Children's Court had also heard that the teenager could face "further more serious charges".

He was due back in court yesterday but did not turn up for his hearing.

Rare naval flags sell for ¤593k

A collection of rare and historic naval flags, including one banner that flew nearly two centuries ago on the USS Constitution, has netted a total of $784,500 (¤593,622) following an auction in Philadelphia.

Freeman's auction house said the 12 flags had been in private hands for more than 150 years and belonged to the late H. Richard Dietrich Jr.

Probe over near-miss jets

A PROBE into how an air traffic controller's error put two jets in danger of colliding over Hawaii shows the worker didn't believe he was ready to direct aircraft from the radar station where he was assigned and had asked for more training.

The incident involved a Japan Airlines flight from Tokyo and a United Parcel Service flight from Louisville, Kentucky, as they approached Honolulu International Airport on January 14.

Fake tan is way for apprentices

The Apprentice contestants find the only way is fake tan when it comes to selling to the people of Essex.

Alan Sugar sends the two teams to test their nose for business in tonight's show, giving them £150 (¤113) each to buy whatever they think will sell best to the Essex market. They must use their profits to replenish their stock and the winning team is the one with the most assets left at the end of the day. Mr Sugar's adviser Nick Hewer observes "the fake tan is shifting very rapidly... soon everybody in Essex will have one".