Couple speak of evil as Sharp jailed for life

Local Man Pete Broad stands in spot where the Car belonging the Vet Catherine Gowing was found Burned out ,Pete lives near the area on on Pinfold Lane between Mold and Queensferry

A COUPLE who live just yards from where Catherine Gowing's car was found burned out by her killer have today spoken of their horror that such an evil man could have been so close to their home.

Pete Broad and his wife Caroline live close to where the Renault Clio had been torched by Clive Sharp, who was jailed for life today.

It was so well concealed that they had not seen it as they passed the old quarry in the three days after Catherine was reported missing.

"Nobody is supposed to go down there really, but some people do a bit of illegal fishing in the quarry so I think it was one of them who gave the police a tip-off," Pete told the Herald.

"The next thing we saw the police helicopter was overhead and then there was a huge police presence for days.

"The girl's body hadn't been found at that stage so the police brought underwater search teams to search the quarry."

"There was talk of draining the quarry, they were that sure that she was in there," Pete explained.

"I saw them pull the car out a few days later. It's just horrible to think that such an evil person could have been that close to us."