Conor McGregor cashes in on €4.5m after Vegas win over Chad Mendes

Conor McGregor

Sharon McGowan

Conor McGregor cashed in up to $5m (€4.5m) as a result of his UFC defeat of Chad Mendes at the weekend.

Along with his official wage for the night, the MMA fighter cleaned up on sponsorship deals and will also reap rewards from the fight's viewing figures.

Conor's disclosed pay for the fight from the UFC was $500,000 (€453,000) and he also received a 'performance bonus' of $50,000 (€45,000).

The Dubliner will benefit from sponsors Reebok, who recently signed a deal worth $70m (€63.5m) over six years.

The deal gives all the fighters a guaranteed level of sponsor pay depending on how many fights they've had with the UFC or other promotions bought by the parent company, Zuffa.

As a title challenger, Conor is guaranteed to make $30,000 (€27,000) and in his next fight he will be guaranteed $40,000 (€36,000) as interim champion.

Reebok has also arranged individual sponsorship deals with selected UFC athletes, McGregor being one.

However, it was never revealed how much the individual arrangement was worth.

The featherweight champion will also receive royalties on any of his Reebok merchandise sold, which stands at around 20-30pc of the sale price, with McGregor's replica UFC apparel currently retailing for $95 (€86).

Drinks company Monster Energy are one of the few companies that also sponsor the 27-year-old.

The UFC makes most of its money by charging a pay-per-view (PPV) rate for fights in the US, with the fighters entitled to a percentage of the revenue.

The PPV cost for viewers in the US is approximately $50-$60 (€45-€54) for high definition per event.

If the event has over 500,000 buys, the fighter may get $3 (€2.70) of each fee.

The biggest PPV event for the UFC had 1.6 million buys, though at the post-fight press conference UFC president Dana White indicated McGregor's clash was possibly greater than that.