concert hall launches 2015 outreach plans


Pictured at the keys is Nancy Dunne (3) at the launch of the National Concert Hall's 2015 Education, Community and Outreach programme.

The programme includes masterclasses, workshops, outreach work and interactive concerts for all ages.

Concert Hall chief executive Simon Taylor said the scheme is meant to bring the joy and healing power of music to a wide constituency of people who might not otherwise have the opportunity.

"Whether giving the finest young Irish students the opportunity to attend masterclasses with celebrated international artists, helping children to cope with life in a hospital ward or encouraging older people to play or sing, we believe music is for everyone," Mr Taylor said.

"We believe that education, community and outreach is an integral part of the National Concert Hall's programme, complementing its role as the national venue for music performance".

Events will include Music in Mind - a new initiative for 2015 - which is designed to provide people suffering from mental health difficulties the opportunity to actively engage in music-making.

There'll also be a series of bursaries and awards to recognise musicians' hard work, and encourage those on the way up.