Collette lands gig with sexy fashion chain

Lorna Nolan

FORMER army lieutenant Collette McBarron has come a long way since her days in uniform.

The Herald can reveal how the Donegal native has landed a gig working for international clothing chain Abercrombie and Fitch.

Collette (26), who left Ireland last summer to start up her own fitness company in London, revealed how she was scouted by a recruiter for the British-based branch of the store last month.

And while the ex-Miss Ireland contestant admits the chain is known for its sexy image, she insists she won't be stripping off for her new job.

"They do have quite a reputation for being a bit sexier, but I never have to wear anything too revealing," said Collette.

"It's more the key looks, and shirts and jeans, that I'll be wearing in the shop. If I'm not training, I'll go in and do a shift in there.

"You can't just apply for a job there, they have people employed especially to recruit staff.

"It's good fun because it's a bit like working in a nightclub.

"The first time I went in there were people dancing in kind of skimpy clothes and shirtless guys on the door. I'm working with some other designers as well," she added.

Collette went on to explain how she's still working hard to build up her London-based company, barronsfitness, and even worked with Abbey Clancy several times before the top model became pregnant with her first child with footballer Peter Crouch.


"It's all going well, I'm looking at taking on a couple of pretty high-profile people after Christmas."

Collette is now back in Donegal over the holidays and will be staying here for a few weeks in order to catch up with family and friends.

She is currently single after splitting with Zac Jordan, son of ex-Formula 1 racing boss Eddie Jordan, for the second time last September.