Colgan not ready to let curtain fall on career

By Melanie Finn

The Gate's director Michael Colgan may have just celebrated his 64th birthday, but he has no intention of retiring anytime soon.

"This is a difficult job, it would be impossible to walk away without an appointed successor," he said.

"But the board will make that decision. If you're swimming against the current or running up hill it's time to stop. But, to quote Beckett, 'I'm not ready to give it up, not with the fire in me now'."

And he said that despite the economy taking a turn for the better, 
his northside theatre will continue to run wallet-friendly shows.

Tickets for his new production, The Mariner, are just €25 and will run during the Dublin Theatre Festival which starts on September 25.

"There's a massive distinction between something being inexpensive and it being a bargain," he said.