Cocktails catch-up for pals Rachel and Ruth

By Laura Butler

THEIR professions have taken them to different continents, but old model pals Rachel Wyse and Ruth O'Neill are still the best of friends.

Despite the distance between them, the two blondes are still regularly in touch and got a chance to enjoy a long-overdue catch-up in London this week.

Since their days strutting down the runway on the Irish fashion scene, both beauties have broken into television.

Castleknock native Ruth packed her bags and has set up home in Los Angeles, where she is currently working for US entertainment channel E!.

Meanwhile, Rachel landed her dream job as a TV anchor with Sky Sports in the UK.

Although they live in two different time zones, the girls were back in one another's company over the weekend and had a night on the town to swap presenting stories and reminisce on their catwalk careers.


Ruth is making the most of her limited time off from the world of American showbiz and jet-setting around Europe with pals.

The 26-year-old former UCD student moved to California in 2010.

After nearly two years covering hard-hitting political stories for ABC, she turned her attention to the glitzy side of Hollywood.

She is a regular at the many red carpet events now as a reporter with E! News and even got a chance to cover the Academy Awards.

In the UK, fitness fanatic Rachel has become a familiar face on the Sky Sports team.

The 28-year-old joined the station four years ago and plans to remain long-term.

In May, Rachel, who is from Blackrock, Co Dublin, signed a brand new full-time deal with the company.

"It means I'll be committing myself to Sky until 2017," she said.

"I feel very lucky to be offered another three years with a company that has given me my break and a company that also has coverage of some of the biggest sporting events out there.

"It also gives me the sense of security that doesn't exist for so many people working in television."