Christine Bleakley: 'Don't call me a Wag'

Richard Eden

Christine Bleakley, the girlfriend of the England midfielder Frank Lampard, says she does not like the connotations of the term 'Wag'.

Bleakley said: "I think it is really important to be independent in life, do your own thing, and be able to pay your own way."

Bleakley, who will join her former co-presenter of The One Show, Adrian Chiles, at ITV after being fired by the BBC, says of the term: "It's the connotation that comes with it that I don't like. There is pressure to look good, but I want people to think of me as a normal, down-to-earth girl. If you look at photos of me, you'll find more pictures of me in gym gear than dresses."

The BBC announced last weekend that it was withdrawing its offer to Bleakley to stay on at The One Show, after she had said publicly that she was "torn" between the two broadcasters.

"I have been torn between working with Adrian Chiles and remaining at the BBC," said Bleakley. "I fully understand the BBC had to move more swiftly than I could, and as a result they've managed to help make my mind up for me."