Chloe wants to be Hit Girl again

Chloe Moretz has revealed she'd love to jump back into Hit Girl's outfit for Kick-Ass 2.

The 13-year-old won praise for her turn as the costumed superhero in Matthew Vaughn's film, alongside Aaron Johnson and Nicolas Cage, and has no doubts about reprising the role.

"I would love to be Hit Girl again, get back into the suit and get a purple Ducati," she said.

Chloe, who currently stars with Kodi Smit-McPhee in Let Me In, claims she has been promised a flashy motorbike for the sequel, if it comes to fruition.

"I was promised by [screenwriter] Jane Goldman! She told me that in the second one, if there is a second one, I would get a purple Ducati with Gatling guns. It's an emotional contract," she admitted.

"I hope I do, I love that girl. I would love to go crazy again. It would be a good time - just change the suit a little bit - but we'll see what happens."

But she said she hasn't been approached about the follow-up yet.

"I honestly don't know anything. I know Aaron and [graphic novel writer] Mark Millar said some stuff. I talk to Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Red Mist) all the time and he doesn't even know anything," she continued.

"He's like emailing Jane Goldman with 'What's up?' and she replies, 'Matthew's on a movie right now'. I'm like, 'Really Matt, tell us something...'."

:: Let Me In is in cinemas now.

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