Chief suspect in knife killing has skipped country

Ken Foy and Conor Feehan

The chief suspect for the murder of a 32-year-old man who was stabbed to death in west Dublin has fled the country, the Herald can reveal.

Electrician Kevin Kenny died after being knifed in the heart during the August bank holiday weekend, following a brawl outside Ruby Finnegan's pub in Ballyfermot.

The thug who is believed to be responsible for the murder has fled Dublin because of fears that he would be shot dead by rival gangsters.

The man, in his early 20s, is linked to Tallaght drug dealer Stephen O'Halloran (20) who was shot dead as part of a localised feud in January 2009, and he is part of gang of young hoods who have been causing havoc for months.


"Ballyfermot is not a very safe place for this fella at the moment. He is in danger of being shot," explained a source.

"There is absolutely no suggestion that Mr Kenny's family will try to avenge his murder but there are others in the community who would."

The gang to which the murder suspect belongs has been involved in a huge number of violent incidents this year.

A close associate of the suspect was arrested by gardai investigating an armed robbery at a post office at Oulart, Co Wexford, in June in which a 66-year-old postmistress and her 31-year-old son were shot.

This man was wearing a bullet-proof vest when he was arrested in a mobile home in Courtown, Co Wexford. He was later released without charge.

The gang involved in the stabbing of Mr Kenny are also suspects in an aggravated burglary at a B&B establishment at Kennelsfort Road in Palmerstown last month in which a shotgun was produced. On that occasion, they escaped with just €25 from a safe in the property.

A garda investigation is continuing into the murder after Mr Kenny's funeral took place at the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption yesterday.

He was buried at Palmerstown Cemetery with his brother Martin who was gunned down in a gangland hit in 2005.


The church was full to capacity as mourners heard the priest describe how Kevin's family are "overwhelmed with grief" at their loss.

Chief mourners at the funeral were his parents Frances and Kevin snr, sisters Samantha and Karen, brother Stephen and girlfriend Jenny.

Mourners heard how he was looked up to by colleagues and apprentices alike, and how he was a great boxer and football player with Landen United.

"It is how we live that is important, not how we die," the priest told mourners.