Cheryl is the only girl for me, says One Direction star Niall

Caitlin McBride

ONE Direction star Niall Horan isn't looking for a girlfriend -- unless Cheryl Cole is on the market.

The Mullingar teen (17) was recently linked to I'm a Celebrity contestant Gillian McKeith's daughter Skylar, but the up-and-coming singer doesn't have time for anyone but Cole.

While Niall has never been shy about voicing his crush on the X Factor judge, he is still harbouring some feelings for her.

Speaking to the Herald, his brother Greg said: "I saw that alright, and I asked him was that true at all? He said it's nowhere near true, she's a nice girl, but there's nothing going on. I knew there wouldn't be.

"I know Niall's type -- it's Cheryl Cole and no less. He's very fussy."

And Greg quashed reports that Simon Cowell barred the band members from engaging in any relationships, and revealed that Louis Tomlinson had been going out with the same girl for nearly two years.

"That's not true, Louis going out with a girl from his class for a year and a half," he said.

"One Direction comes first and that's always going to be the case. Niall's not stupid, he can't be stupid and throw the opportunity away for a girl.

"It's his lucky break, why would you throw it away?"

The boys are doing small gigs throughout the UK as they gear up for the X Factor tour kicking off next month.

And mentor Simon Cowell is taking his duties so seriously that Niall's brother described him as being like "the sixth member of the band".