Charge of the bike brigade as city's cyclists go electric

Laura Butler

PEDAL power could be a thing of the past, as more Dubliners head to work on electric bicycles.

Travelling around the city during the summer months has been made a lot easier, thanks to a Dublin-based company championing motorised bikes.

The cheaply run, practical options, launched by Kenbay Electric Bikes, allow riders to fly around at speeds of up to 25km and require no licence, no tax, no insurance, no NCT, no petrol, no pollution -- and little effort.


The E bike is getting people out of their cars or away from public transport and help them get into work without needing a shower when they get there.

Gerry Byrne, director of Kenbay Electric Bikes, told the Herald the bikes were proving popular.

"We've seen people from all walks of life take up these, but they've been particularly useful for middle-aged people and those who aren't too fit. They were appealing with the Cycle To Work scheme too.

"I think the reason people like them is because there are genuinely, unbelievably easy to get around on. It's time saving and very practical for user --and it's cheap.

"It only costs 10c to charge the battery, and you could cycle 70km for that 10c of electricity -- so it's far cheaper than public transport. It takes the strain of going up hills away, so it's just like a flat. It pushes you along," he added.

Available in men's and women's styles, and on sale in maroon and blue colours, the E bikes cost €1,199 and can be recharged like a mobile phone.