Celia can't wait to be a glammy granny again

Melanie Finn

MODELLING boss Celia Holman Lee (60) has said she's "over the moon" about the prospect of becoming a glamorous granny for the second time.

The renowned style expert became a grandmother for the first time in August 2008 when her daughter Cecile, who also works in their Limerick model agency, had her first baby Henry.

TV personality Celia has revealed how she and husband Ger even delayed their annual holiday so they don't miss the excitement.

"We usually go away in January but we're not budging until she has the baby. She's due next weekend and we can't wait," she said. "I am obsessed with grandson Henry and now we're going to have another little baby. I'm over the moon.

"You do get a second chance when you have grandchildren. I've been out there working since I was 16, trying to build up a business and it's always been a very pressurised job. When you have grandchildren, you do get a second chance to pour all your energies into them."

Although she turned 60 last November, she remains one of Ireland's most fashion-forward women and has been a fashion presenter on TV3's Ireland AM for nearly 10 years. She marked the milestone birthday with a massive bash in her Limerick home town which was attended by nearly 400 of friends and family.

The model agency owner also said she has never had any extra help in maintaining her good looks, but thinks the choice lies with every individual woman.


"I put it down to genes and a good bone structure. I have never touched Botox and never would. I have decided to stay away from it," she continued. "Anyone who might be tempted would have to be aware that could end up worse than you started." And she said how she didn't have any problems entering a new decade and credited her positive outlook to having a busy lifestyle. "It does not bother me at all. I don't feel 60, I don't think I look 60 and I still feel I have loads of energy."

Celia has admitted how she didn't start exercising until she was about 55, but now works out regular to maintain her enviable shape.

"Being in the modelling industry, I have great posture," she explained.

"I'm a massive believer in it and I think maybe that helped me. As you move on in life, muscle tone is really important, so I had to start exercising. I had no choice."