Celebrity Diary: Grainne and I caught up on all the news over lots of tea and The X Factor

I started off this week with a long overdue catchup with my big sister Grainne, with tea and The X Factor.

Now that she's based in London during the week we don't get to see each other as often, so we literally spent hours drinking pots and pots of tea and gossiping about everything.

I met up with her once I had finished presenting my Newstalk radio show Shenanigans With Sile on Saturday and we hung out and watched The X Factor together.

As readers of the Herald already know, Grainne was actually away in Afghanistan last week doing reports for Daybreak, so it was interesting to hear all her stories.

People keep asking me about all the rumours about Daybreak and my honest answer is that I don't know what's going to happen. It's not a conversation that Grainne and I have had. We prefer to talk about non-work related stuff when we're together.


I think it's natural when you're starting a new show that it's going to take a while to develop a relationship with the viewers and that it's going to be under a lot of scrutiny.

I really enjoy watching it and I've always been a big fan of Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley, even when they were on The One Show. I really like what they do. In saying that, if it's over, it's over. Only the powers that be in ITV know the answer to that one.

On a happier note the RTE series Grainne presents, The All Ireland Talent Show, will be back on our screens this weekend and this year I'm joining the line-up as one of Daithi O Se's advisers for the West.

Obviously it was great being reunited on the same show as my sister after spending a year working together on Seoige. The reality of working on the All Ireland Talent Show together was that we didn't really get to see a huge amount of each other.

We'd see each other in the morning and during breaks, as she was with the contestants outside before they went in front of the judges.

I really enjoyed working with Daithi. I've known him for years since we both started off in TG4 in the weather department. Back then we were both fresh-faced, not knowing much about the industry. Daithi can be bold as brass, but he's a good guy. I'm mad about him.

We didn't always agree while choosing acts to go through, but I wasn't there to tell him he was fantastic. I was there to play devil's advocate and help him think outside the box. He has a very good eye for the talent and hopefully he'll do well again this year.

The auditions for the West are the first up next Sunday and I'm dying to see the programme. I was away climbing Mount Kilimanjaro since filming took place so I'm looking forward to sitting down and seeing what actually made the cut.

They had a photocall yesterday to launch the new series but I couldn't make it as I've been recovering after getting my wisdom teeth removed on Tuesday. I haven't been sleeping for the past week as they had been so painful. At least now I will feel better and be back to my old self.

Unfortunately the procedure meant I also had to miss out on the launch of Lorraine Keane's new book, Working The Red Carpet, on Wednesday night at Robbie Fox's new nightclub The Pink. Of course I would love to have been there. She seems really happy at the moment. I wish her well with it all and I'm sure it will be a success.

Thankfully I can also say I'm very happy with both my worklife and my lovelife at the moment. Everything is going great in my relationship with RTE station-manager Kim Burrowes. I'm not a big talker about the lovelife -- I like to keep my private life private.

We're on week five of the radio series now and I had a busy week pre-recording interviews, because I knew that after having my teeth out I would be in agony and not able to do much.

It looks like we'll be talking to Dolph Lundgren on tomorrow's programme. We could also be having Katie Price and 80s hunk Richard Marx. Also popping in will be rising star Ryan Sheridan. It's all coming together really well now and I love it.

It's a feelgood kind of show. I'd run a mile from discussing the economic crisis. Obviously I follow it in the news, but I didn't want the show to be about that.

It's fun and relaxed and I'm not taking myself too seriously. I'm really enjoying this new chapter in my life.