Celebrity chef Catherine will cook up a storm as she jets to US for TV slot

Aoife Anderson

CELEBRITY chef Catherine Fulvio has landed a slot on one of the top morning shows in the US.

The pint-sized chef has revealed she's jetting over to the Big Apple on Monday to cook on NBC's Today Show alongside acclaimed host Matt Lauer.

Speaking to the Herald, she said: "I'm really looking forward to it because it's going to be very Christmassy.

"I did NBC's Today Show when they filmed in Ireland and when they heard I had a book they rang me and asked me would I like to go to New York.


"I can't wait because I've never been to New York around Christmas time and I'll be going with an empty suitcase.

"My Italian Kitchen is on the BBC Food Channel and Catherine's Roman Holiday is starting on it in the spring and it's already been in New Zealand, France, Brazil and it's going to be on in Australia so things are going great."

Meanwhile, the mum-of-two teamed up with fellow chef Rachel Allen earlier this week for a glitzy new fashion feature on Off the Rails.

"We had a brilliant day. I laughed non-stop yesterday Rachel and I always get on brilliantly. There is no rivalry at all. Sonia Lennon just pampered us big time; we got dressed up in French, Italian and English styles and we're going to be on the show next Wednesday."

The popular Wicklow native is also gearing up for the Taste of Christmas event this weekend in the Dublin Convention Centre.

And she'll also be taking part in the second annual show 'Christmas-Cook Along' next month, which will see her cook dinner live from Farmleigh House.

"I try to be a bit creative about Christmas dinner and I like to get ahead early so I've already got my stuffing and gravy in the freezer ready to go. That's what you need to do so you can enjoy Christmas with your children. I don't want to miss out on them opening things from Santa and stuff like that."

Catherine, who is writing her next book, has already got the green light from RTE bosses to film a third series.

And although she has a second home in Sicily, she said that the next series will be filmed here.

"It will more than likely be Wicklow based and it will have an interesting angle this time round. It'll be like Catherine at home rather than always travelling. I'm very excited about it."